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House of Vacuums,Inc.

1923 N. Main St

High Point, NC 27262

(336) 884-8227


Genuine Miele Accessories

Miele 236 Power Nozzle
Miele 236 Deluxe Electric
Power Nozzle
Miele Micro Set
Miele Accessories

Miele 228 Power Nozzle
Miele 228 Electric
Power Nozzle

Miele 205 Turbo Nozzle
Miele 205 Air Driven
Turbo Nozzle

Miele 217 Power Nozzle
Miele 217 Electric
Power Nozzle

STB 101 Mini Turbo Brush
Mini Turbo Brush with Air
Driven Revolving Brush

Twister SBB 400-XL
Large Miele Swivel Tile and Wood Floor Tool
SBB 300-3
Miele Swivel Tile and Wood Floor Tool
Miele Universal Dusting Brush
Dusting Brush
Miele Swivel Dusting Brush
Mattress Tool
Miele Mattress Dusting Tool